Disarming Audiences

A reporter wrote that I have “a disarming sense of humor.” While they asked readers to “pardon the pun,” I’d encourage my audience to embrace it. Humor and honesty help clear up misconceptions — not only about me but about disabilities in general. Sharing our stories of struggles and triumphs puts us all on the same playing field.

Those are just a couple of reasons why I tell my story to people from all walks of life — from schoolchildren and athletes to employees of such big companies as Allianz, BP and Comcast. Due to my disability, I’m used to people looking at me, so I fortunately don’t get stage fright! Wherever you want me to speak, I’m game.

Kind Kudos

“I had multiple people approach me and say Matt was the best keynote speaker they’ve ever seen at an event. We have all been talking about his message and reflecting on how inspiring he is.”

— Allianz

“We heard nothing but kudos after Matt’s speech. He kept people riveted to their chairs for the full 45 minutes. His talk was funny, informative, entertaining, moving and inspiring. His archery demonstration had the crowd cheering. When he was done, the audience gave him a standing ovation.”

— Comcast

I’m Ready To Talk

My story encompasses many different messages for a wide variety of audiences. I’m happy to tailor it to your classroom, business, sporting event, you name it.