Racing Stripes

Although many people know me as “the Armless Archer,” racing was my first love. My dad encouraged me to drive, tossing me the keys to our farm truck without hesitation and trusting that I would “figure it out.”

However, my driver’s ed instructor wasn’t so sure, looking nervous when she got into the car and saw me with my right foot on the steering wheel and my left foot on the gas and brake.

Fast forward to today, I’m now running Top Sportsman in my 1968 Chevy Camaro at drag racing competitions throughout the USA. I recently posted in-car footage of myself driving through a four-second pass in the 1/8th at the Central Illinois Dragway that went on to become a viral video, gaining millions of views.

The Green Team

PennGrade 1®, “the original green oil,” keeps my motor running — literally and figuratively. Having the support of D-A Lubricant Company and PennGrade’s Green Team revs my engine and inspires me to keep moving forward in the world of racing. Green means go!

My car runs on alcohol fuel, so PennGrade 1® is the perfect fit, as it’s known for separating smoothly from alcohol. The oil’s wetness and ability to cling to metal parts also prevents excessive wear.

Ready To Ride

I’m proud of the fact that my car has very few modifications — a person with arms could easily drive it. I look forward to driving on different tracks and advancing in this sport.